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We are offering a platform of services centred on the specific needs of the athlete in the search for performance on & off season.

Our platform is based on 5 pillars:

  • manual therapy

  • fitness coaching

  • mental coaching

  • nutrition and hydration

  • sleep

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By placing the athlete at the centre of the project, the initial contact involves understanding and identifying the athlete's goals and needs as well as the structure already in place in which the athlete operates. Once this first step is finalised, a specific work structure, based on our 5 pillars, is proposed to the athlete. The human and emotional aspects are essential in our approach.

Sports Injury

Performance Therapy

Our therapists work in close partnership with their athletes.

Usually, the first sessions consist of a combination of testing and manual therapy that helps identify the athlete’s needs in terms of future treatments and prehabilitation. Our therapists also work with athletes during rehabilitation and re-athletisation phases, always in accordance to the athlete’s specific needs during these periods.

Team Talk

Mental Coaching

Being an essential pillar when it comes to optimizing performance, our therapists work specifically with the athlete. After an initial assessment, the therapist and the athlete define and agree on the main areas to work on (for example, improving performance, concentration or managing emotions) and establish an intervention framework suited to the requirements of the athlete.

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Fitness Coaching

Whether it is an all year-round or intermittent intervention (off season athletic training, re-athletisation following an injury), the forms of physical training offered (S&C, pilates, yoga or functional training) vary depending on the needs and specificities of the athlete.

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Nutrition & Hydration


Our performance chef and nutritionist Jamie Redwood 

offers athletes a tailored service by creating meal plans and hydration protocols adapted to the athlete's needs based on their culinary preferences and requirements throughout the season.

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In order to perform at their best, athletes must prepare in every aspects of their life and sleep is no exception!

At PROSTAR PERFORMANCE, we treat sleep with as much importance as training and nutrition that is why we have teamed up with sleep experts to help athletes in that domain.

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Greg Guillon

Osteopath & Performance Therapist


Jamie Redwood

Performance Chef  &

Sports Nutritionist 


Gregoire Burquier

Certified Mental Coach