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“A global structure, flexible and accessible 7 days a week”

PROSTAR PERFORMANCE was created in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when the majority of athletes had limited access to certain services (in particular manual therapy) in their structure (private or club). In response to this unprecedented situation, PROSTAR PERFORMANCE was created with the guiding idea of ​​bringing together, within a single structure, a team of professionals whose experience and expertise would be accessible 7 days a week to athletes.


"The athlete at the centre of HIS project"

As each athlete is unique and is at different stages in his career, at PROSTAR PERFORMANCE, we consider the human aspect to be essential in the success of our collaboration with the athlete. Whether it is from a perspective of overall performance optimisation, a search for marginal gains or a return to competition, we want the athlete to be at the centre of HIS project.


“Continuous work & monitoring or targeted interventions”

According to the needs of the athlete, our team of professionals offers a flexible and modular work environment for athletes.

  • Continuous intervention and monitoring throughout the season, where the athlete benefits from our services on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly)


  • One-off interventions where the athlete benefits from our services during specific events (camps, tournaments, championships)


  • A mixed intervention where the athlete benefits from some of our services on a regular basis (nutrition-meal plan for example) and other services on an ad hoc basis (coaching / mental preparation).

Our base is located in the South of England (near Southampton) and we are currently working with athletes based in UK and France but we are always looking to work with new athletes from all around the globe!